Why Choose Innovative Expo?

At Innovative Expo we know that you have a multitude of choices when selecting a General Services Contractor to assist you in the production of your Tradeshow or Conference. For some, those decisions are based on past history and current relationships. For others, the selection process may require in-depth vetting of the Contractor you choose.

After all, the Company you select should and will become an active participant in the success of your Event.

At Innovative Expo we pride ourselves on the following attributes that separate us from other larger Service Contractors in our industry:

  • Personalized Professional Service
    Innovative Expo services accounts nationwide. However, the individual you contract with will be the individual you work with. No passing your account on to other Account Executives you do not know.
  • Innovative Expo Customer Service Representatives that are assigned to your event, will be the Representatives on site during your Event.
  • No "National Call Center" – your calls are routed directly to your Representatives.
  • Easy to Read and Navigate Exhibitor Service Manuals
    Our Service Manuals are condensed and easy to navigate, allowing your Exhibitors to accurately budget their expenses.
  • No "Fuel Surcharges" on Exhibitor orders, saving your Exhibitors up to 5% on their total order.
  • Freight rates are specific. No hidden additional surcharges for overtime in and overtime out.
  • No three-tiered pricing for rental equipment and labor.
    Some Contractors are charging multiple tiers for these services: One at the advance order deadline, another higher rate for missing the deadline and another even higher rate for “showsite” ordering.
  • Innovative Expo has only two price tiers: Advance and On Site.
  • Innovative Expo’s On Site rates are also much less than other Contractors. Some charge up to 100% more than their advance rate. Our On Site rates averages 25% above our Advance Rates.

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