“Anyone can provide tables and chairs”

The difference is how those products and services are provided.

All of our Company representatives have worked for the “large” industry contractors. Some have worked at the highest levels in those organizations. However, we all decided that “larger” does not equate to “better”…

By working with a smaller, but just as capable and reliable company, you and your exhibitors will receive the highest quality service and equipment.

Innovative Expo will provide you and your exhibitors professional services at a fair price, and a customer service environment that puts you first, above all others.

Comparison Recap:

The Bottom Line:

Other Contractors

  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Multi-tiered kit pricing
  • Marshalling yard fees
  • Complicated manuals
  • National Call Centers

Innovative Expo

  • NO Fuel Surcharges
  • NO Multi-tiered kit pricing
  • NO Marshalling yard fees
  • NO Complicated manuals
  • NO National Call Centers

Innovative Expo can save you and your Exhibitors money…

While providing you superior service and quality products!

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